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Is a $7.50 bowl of cereal actually worth it?


Snap, crackle — stop! Before you dismiss Kellogg’s NYC, the new cereal “restaurant” near Times Square as a mere marketing stunt — which it is — give it a try …

Inside Kellogg’s NYC, the fancy cereal café in Manhattan


Eating breakfast cereal as a kid was simple: you poured the Rice Krispies, then the milk and then you sprinkled in the green tea powder with your little eight-year-old fingers. If you didn't, there's a new cafe in Manhattan that does do that …

Guy digs in at Kellogg's NYC cereal bar


"Fast Money" trader and food tester Guy Adami makes a visit to New York City's new Kellogg's cereal bar …

Crunch Time: Can A Hip New Cereal Bar Help Kellogg's Revive Soggy Sales?


To Sandra Di Capua, cereal is a Proustian affair. "I love Proust, and I love Proustian moments and memories," says Di Capua, citing the French novelist whose taste of a madeleine famously sent him on a journey of memory …

Taste-Testing the New Kellogg’s Cereal Café


On July 4, Kellogg’s opened its first-ever cereal-centric restaurant in New York’s Times Square, and even though this isn’t a totally novel concept (remember Cereality?), people are excited …

First Look: Kellogg's Opens NYC Cereal Café


This Monday, mega-brand Kellogg's celebrated American independence with the opening of their first ever permanent cafe — a Manhattan restaurant dedicated to cereal …

Tourists Are Already Embracing Times Square’s Cereal Restaurant,"Kellogg’s NYC"


The Kellogg’s-branded restaurant dedicated to bowls of cereal curated by Milk Bar chef Christina Tosi is now open right off of Times Square. The concept of the small restaurant …

Times Square Wakes Up to a Restaurant From Kellogg’s


Kellogg’s NYC Breakfast all day, a popular offering these days, usually means egg and sausage, but the cereal behemoth will have none of that. Its new restaurant in Times Square takes cold cereal in inventive directions, thanks to Christina Tosi …

Ben Visits The Only All Cereal Cafe


Ben Aaron heads to Times Square to visit the Kellogg's Cafe, the first ever all cereal restaurant and of course causes a little trouble! …

At Kellogg’s NYC, All We Need Is the Cast of Seinfeld


In New York City’s Times Square, aka the “crossroads of the world” where on the busiest days, over 460,000 people walk the streets in search of a quintessential New York moment, there’s a new café opening today called Kellogg’s NYC …

A cereal cafe bowls over customers


New York City's landscape of trendy restaurants has added a new eatery that taps into the childhood memories of most Americans. The Kellogg's Cafe is offering bowls of cereal with a twist …

Kellogg’s Cereal as Dining Event? Welcome to the Experience Economy


In a new branded café in Times Square, Kellogg’s presents familiar cereals as premium experience. Will customers buy it? …

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